Oden Cattle Company - Freeman Ranch

August 3, 2018 | By Travis Bard

The Oden Cattle Company - Freeman Ranch is the combination of three historic and reputation ranches into one premier cattle ranch. Located on the San Francisco and Coconino Plateaus in north central Arizona, this ranch's roots are traced to the Freeman Ranch, The Pouquette/Red Hill  and the Cuervo. Between 1993 and 1998 Mike Oden consolidated the three ranches to one contiguous operation of more than 105 sections or 67,398 acres, including 34,909 deeded acres.

The Freeman Ranch represents one of the largest deeded acreage ranches available in Arizona. With a location in the heart of an area steeped in western-ranching tradition, the opportunity to purchase a ranch bordering the Babbitt Ranch and just east of the historic Diamond A Ranch (formerly known as The Boquillas) comes along just once in a lifetime. With a carrying capacity of 840 head this ranch is strategically improved as a commercial cow-calf ranch with the flexibility and potential to run yearlings and stockers.

The Freeman Ranch is located in Coconino County, approximately 200 miles north of Phoenix and 29 miles northwest of Williams, Arizona. Access to the ranch from Williams is provided by paved HWY 64 north approximately 7½ miles to Espee Road. Proceed west on Espee Road (dirt road) approximately 22 miles to the headquarters.

The topography of this ranch is classified as gently rolling grassland. Various ridge tops have scattered pinion and juniper cover. The elevation ranges from 5,530 to 6,160 at the highest point on the south to the lowest point on the north end.

The tenure of Oden Ranch is contained primarily in a square block of deeded and state land in a checkerboard pattern. The majority of the ranch lies on the San Francisco Plateau and the Coconino Plateau. The checkerboard lands are primarily open, rolling grasslands. Elevation ranges from 5,530’ to 6,160’, with the headquarters situated at 5,750’.

The headquarters improvements include two remodeled ranch houses, bunkhouse, hay barn with shop attached, horse facilities (barn, arena, round-pen, tack-room), misc. outbuildings, overhead pellet bin, shipping corrals with scales, and other range corrals. There is a new hay barn in place at the shipping corrals. There is a house located at Pouquette Camp, used primarily as a hunting cabin.

The vegetation is composed primarily of Plains & Desert Grassland with some areas also consisting of Juniper Piñion Woodland. Approximately twenty years ago, through range improvements, the native vegetation of Juniper Piñion Woodland was cleared leaving a large portion of the ranch with grasslands. As of date of inspection, the overall condition of the range land was considered good.

The two closest climatological stations are located at Williams and Valle Airport. The Williams station reports the average annual rainfall is approximately 21.21 inches per year. The January average maximum temperature is 44.3º and the average minimum is 21.3º. The July average maximum temperature is 83.1º and the average minimum is 54.8º. The Valle Airport station reports the average annual rainfall is 9.52 inches per year. The January average maximum temperature is 45.3º and the average minimum is 16.3º. The July average maximum temperature is 87.2º and the average minimum is 51.7º.

Domestic water is provided primarily by a cistern system off of the house roofs and also haul water from town. Livestock water is provided by dirt tanks (approx. 30) connected by a pipeline system of approximately 30 miles. Eight of the dirt tanks have capabilities to be pumped from. There are three sets of steel storage tanks with the respected capacities of approximately 180,000 gallons, 70,000 gallons and 50,000.